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Club news & details updated to 29 June 2016

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2016 league fixtures for June & July here 

 We beat Victoria Lounge by 86 runs (June 27)

We beat Regents by 20 runs (June 22)

We beat Homerton by 57 runs (June 19)
Team that beat Homerton
Sunday specials: (L-R standing) Yusuf Malji, Steve Hamilton, John Shaw, Steve Razi, Rubel Ahmed; (L-R kneeling) Naveen Saini, Sam Shahid, Azaz Khalil, Sheraz Shahid; (L-R at front) Tim Castle, Zubair               

We beat Best Nationals by 3 wickets (June 16)

We beat Tower Cavaliers by 45 runs (June 7)
Team that beat Tower Cavaliers
Towers of power: (L-R standing) John Shaw, Philip Barrass, Charlie Miller, Matt Ng-Wai Shing; (L-R kneeling)
Tim Castle (captain), Matt Wake, Rav Matharu, Jack Wright                          Match report here...  

We beat Belhus by 50 runs (June 5)

We beat Rose & Crown by 34 runs (May 31)
Team that beat Rose & Crown
Newly Crowned: (L-R standing) Charlie Miller, Matt Ng-Wai, Karamat Ali, Adnan Imtiaz; (L-R kneeling) Hassan Khan,
Rav Matharu, Sam Shahid, Sheraz Shaheed                    Match report here...                            Photo: Tim Castle   

We beat Mad Morrocas by 13 runs (May 25)
Team that beat Mad Morrocas
Mad men: (L-R standing) Hassan Khan, John Shaw, Charlie Miller, Mark Dummet, Steve Hamilton; (L-R kneeling)
Tim Castle, Matt Ng-Wai, Matt Wake, Rav Matharu                                         Match report here...                                    

We lose to Stirling Ackroyd by 5 wickets (May 17)
We lose to Broadway Market by 8 runs (May 11)
We beat Woodford Green (May 8)
We lose to Royal Sovereign by 6 runs (April 26)

We beat Crossrail by 6 wickets (April 20)
Team that beat Crossrail
Not cross: (L-R standing) Hassan Khan, Steve Hamilton, Jack Wright, Jonathan Stebbins, Charlie Miller; (L-R kneeling) Sam Shahid, Rav Matharu, Sheraz Shahid          Match report here...                                        Photo: Tim Castle

Azaz Khalil in action against Mayfield CC                                                        Photo: Tim Castle
Match report here...   More pictures from the game here ...

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We play mid-week evening cricket in Victoria Park (see map), in Tower Hamlets (next to Hackney)
We also play weekend games at a number of locations in and around London
Players always needed!

See some Old Fallopians on the stage with The Victoria Park Players

Who are we? See the mugshots
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